“Hilarious cast, sharp one-liners and an intriguingly flexible approach to gender and sexuality issues…the show has an original voice, sharp and bitchy and uncompromising…the laugh-out-loud moments are numerous…it may be a hidden gem”


“See, if LOGO were a REAL gay television channel, and not just the dumping ground for Viacom’s back-catalogue, then we wouldn’t have to turn to YouTube for stuff like this”  “this is how things can go when determination and creativity aren’t hindered by asshole executives mostly working for television stations”

- GaysofDaytime.com

“humor is sharp, the characters vivid and cartoony, and the plotlines quite creative”

- Television

“I was delighted when a new series was brought to my attention. Maybe it’s not on a major network (yet) but my hat (tiara) is off to the producers of this great new series.”

- Some Like It Scott