a web series that goes deep

Gay’s Anatomy is an independent web series comedy about three young urologists who work hard play harder, and touch your privates for a living. But what happens when your whole life revolves around the prostate? Get ready, because Mark, Marc, and Jim – plus their friends, colleagues, and an ever-expanding collection of bedmates – will bring you deep into the world of urology.  

Catch up on all six episodes Season One episodes here, and learn what Dr. Jim Gable does to relieve stress when he’s nervous (answer: “give colonoscopies to the homeless!”), why Dr. Marc Merriman is lovesick over a man who looks “like Priscilla Lopez, but less butch,” and how Dr. Mark Weston gets through his long workday by “using cocaine responsibly.” There was bed-hopping, hospital drama, and more homoerotic sexual tension than a USA Network buddy comedy.

Season Two will launch February 16, 2012.  Episodes vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

Contact us at gays-anatomy@gays-anatomy.com, or via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


Dr. Mark Weston Character Headshot

Dr. Mark Weston (Wil Petre), a jock who just graduated from med school at UT Austin, could be a good doctor… if he kicks that nasty cocaine habit. And the pressure is on, because his dad is the Chief of Surgery.





Dr. Marc Merriman Character Headshot With BorderDr. Marc Merriman, a urology nerd from Harvard, would love to do his residency in big bad New York City. He’s especially looking forward to bonding with Mark, who he met on the interview circuit.





Dr. Jim Gable Actor HeadshotDr. Jim Gable (Max Jenkins)a social butterfly fresh from UC Berkeley, is eager to get his hands dirty in the exam room… and elsewhere. He speaks his mind and wears his heart on his frilly pink sleeve.





Casey Blunt Character HeadshotCasey Blunt (Becca Blackwell), a self-described “butch lesbo” and Marc M.’s roommate, isn’t a doctor, but she is on the prowl for a lady friend. She’s in for a surprise when the boys take her under their wing.





Dr. Amy Campbell Character HeadshotDr. Amy Campbell (Amy Kersten), a neurotic fellow resident, considers her love of “cripples” proof of her leadership qualities at work. Will she thwart our boys’ ambitions of being the best?





Dr. Eddie DeGrazio Character HeadshotDr. Eddie DeGrazio (Jim deProphetis), a shy but observant colleague, harbors a secret crush. And it isn’t on Amy.





Dr. Robin Starr Character HeadshotRobin Starr (Beth Hoyt), the mysterious party girl with a face like an angel and a nose like a vacuum, just wants everyone to have a good time. Even if it kills them…





Gay’s Anatomy is made possible by generous support from: Jeanne Ward, Leigh Jones, Lennifer Brown, Erin Brown, Amy Kersten, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Chris Diani, Haley Bowery, Greg Salustro, Rob Nguyen, Dave Evans, Michelle Legro, Mary Birnbaum, Toby Stock, William Purdy, Steve Kersten, Sarah Schacter, Donna Schmidt, Bethany Haynes, Sylvan Oswald, Natalie Medaglio, Megan Doyle, John Issendorf, Lynn McCune, Judy Petre, Michael Whalen, Jim deProphetis, and Dennis and Lynne Hodgson.